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As part of the design brief, the client may provide some images of what he or she has in mind for parts of the project.  This may influence the look and the style of their home.   

I will always endeavor to get an appreciation of what the client wants or needs in their home. 

The house is first and foremost a home after all and working together we can make it a special a place that they love.

In general, I have a preference for a simplicity of form and expression of light-weight roof forms. 

Connection with nature and place is important.  Integration of nature with the design in terms of vistas and courtyards.   Sense of refuge and security. Peace.  

Natural materials.  Materials that are not plain but have natural patterns that are not overwhelming.  Decorative elements may mimic nature and our natural response to it.  

Natural light and ventilation are essential and sometimes overlooked 

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