A home has to allow its residents to live well, making them feel comfortable while enjoying the private moments of their lives.

We believe in Modern design principles  with bright and minimal spaces, functional natural materials and functional floor plans that reflect the activities of everyday life.  Modern design is focused on form and function, and the form is always derived from the function. 

Good design allows us to feel comfortable and refreshed when we are at home.This is so important when it comes to our happiness. Cramped , dark,cold,overly large, non-functional and noisy spaces are not conducive to happiness.  


Good design can come all types of designers or even non designers  but generally architects are most highly trained and educated to achieve the best outcome.  This is also carried through with high attention to detail in all parts of a build and good  building practices.


It is not easy to get the balance right. This balance can be to do with the design and the project budget. With experience in building residences we  believe we  have a strong understanding of how design can affect cost and we try to be realistic  when it comes  to what the clients budget is yet trying to add value with minimal extra cost.  This can be efficient designs, appropriate material selection and designing to suit the site .