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Design process


Design Brief 

Firstly a Design brief needs to be written or communicated.

It is very important for clients to communicate what they want as best possible  to save time during design process. 

If there are aspects that the design needs to include  these can be properly communicated .

Schematic Design 

Normally hand drawn drawings  of the initial design concept.  

These can be produced on the computer but hand drawing and sketching does tend to achieve a better initial  result a lot more efficently.   Some  three dimensional ideas may be explored .  The budget should be reviewed with the resulting areas.

Developed Design


Development of the design from initial sketches into accurate CAD drawn  plans and elevations

Using  he most advanced computer software available  - archicad planning spaces are accurately resolved .  3 dimensional features and elevational treatments are developed.   Walk thru design experiences can be created .

Drawings are produced which are  sufficient to portray the overall design intent .   This may also be for a Development approval from council or a covenant approval . 

The budget should be reviewed again and this can be done from square metre rates  or  taken further to break down the costs with the assistance of computer software.

Working drawings

The approved design is carried through into  building permit and construction documentation.

There may be a tender  stage within this for builders to  cost  the project and possibly have input.   There may be  interior joinery detailing ,  specification and selections  of  fixtures and fittings . 

There are  varying levels of documentation depending on a clients preference . 

It is recommended that a higher level of documentation is carried out  as it can save time and money overall and ensure a better result  for everyone. 

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Working drawings
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