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We offer a free consultation to discuss  requirements and fees .

Contrary to popular belief   as architects  we do not  cost any more for the same service  as many  of the building designers .  We generally offer a competitive and  flexible  fee structure based on the projects needs and requirements.

Generally  we offer levels of service to suit the project type and client requirements .  Please consider that the cost of additional services is normally minor compared to the overall budget and 

the importance of good design and docmentaion to the project cannot be understated .

Not only for the appeal of the project for future asset value .

When builders price a project the more information that is available to them and their subcontractors regarding the scope of works  the more accurate the quoting can be  as less risk is  being taken.  


Not only will the building price be more competitive  the building  will also be completed in a way  that it should be as the builder will be guided by more detailed drawings  .  This  may also be useful to ensure design integrity  and the "vision" is achieved.  

There are 3 levels of service that can be chosen  and these may vary depending on what is preferred.   

These are generally grouped into the following typical documentation  and service  levels :

Level 1

Site plan 1:200

3d modelling , 1:100  floor plans, elevations and sections, Notations and basic specifciations on drawings 

Wall Setout plans

Basic co-ordination with engineers drawings

Level 2

Level 1 + 

Roofplan , slab-setout plan 

Electrical plan, window /door schedule

Construction details where considered desirable

Colour selections 

Optional Assistance with management of Engineers and Building Certifiers 

Cost  reviews using Software

Level 3

Level 2 + 

Joinery details

Construction details 


Selections of finishes and fittings 

Assistance with preferred builders to  tender  contract and review tender and contract 

+Optional contract administration during construction 

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